Thursday, July 9, 2009

Update: Thursday July 9th

Its been 7 weeks since Tommy injured his neck. He is progressing and doing well - both physically (although he is quite thin) and mentally. Next week Tommy will be having a scan of his vertebral artery that was damaged when he broke his neck. They will be looking for whether it has opened up (for normal/good blood flow) or, if it is occluding/closing which is okay too - if it is closed, we don't worry as much about a potential blood clot. Also, his other artery will pick up the slack and get sufficient blood to his brain.

On July 23rd, Tommy will have scans of his neck and other tests to determine his healing and the level of damage to his spine - mostly to ligaments. The doctors all believe the bone will heal and be okay, it's the ligaments that there is concern for as he needs these to be relatively unharmed so that his neck can be stable without his brace. If the ligaments are "too" damaged we will be contemplating a sensitive/difficult surgery. As such, we are continuing to pray for Tommy's full recovery.

Separately, just yesterday, Beth and I learned that our best friends from Denver son was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Like Tommy, Drew just graduated from high school and is a lacrosse player. He is a big strong kid and we know he (and his family) will beat this but if you have a little room in your prayers please give Drew and his family a mention.

God and all of you have blessed us so these past weeks. Thank you all so very much for your continued kindness and prayers.

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  1. Hi Pat! Thanks for continuing to keep us posted on the blog. Even after talking to Beth, I appreciate so much seeing it written down as well. We think about you guys all the time, and please tell Pam & John that Drew and their family will be in our prayers as well. Love to all.
    "Auntie" Susan