Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November 3, 2009 - In loving memory of Will

When Tommy was injured in May 2009 on the lacrosse field, Will's Dad, Dr. Wardrip rode with us in the ambulance to the emergency room and stayed with us the entire day until Tommy was transferred into the ICU. He has kept a constant eye on Tommy and his progress. Last week when Will was killed, Dr. Wardrip and his wife Sarah met with Tommy and made their request that all donations in Will's memory go to the foundation inspired by Tommy, Advocates for Injured Athletes , www.injuredathletes.org. Our entire family was humbled as we witnessed the very emotional conversation between Tommy and the Wardrips. We had no idea the foundation we were starting would be needed so quickly. Will Wardrip inspired many and we will help his legacy continue.

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