Friday, May 25, 2012

Gender and Age play a role post concussion recovery

In a recent study released by The American Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers discuss the role of age and gender and it's effects on post concussion recovery. In this study, researchers at Michigan State University convey female athletes and younger athletes are more likely to have prolonged recovery time. The study compared 296 concussed athletes across various states over a 2 year period with emphasis on neurocognitive performance, post concussive symptoms, and postural stability. Each athlete completed a series of tests immediately following their concussion which composed of: ImPACT cognitive testing, Post-concussion Symptom Scale, and Pos-Concussion Assessment. Additionally, athletes were assessed using the same analysis tools at day number 2, 7, and 14 following the concussion. The results of the study verified the role of gender and age with female athletes performing much worse than males on the visual memory assessment along with more severe symptoms after the concussion. In comparing the high school athletes with collegiate athletes, seven days post concussion high school athletes showed higher percentage of verbal memory impairment. The results of the postural assessment were conclusive with other results, revealing both female and high school athletes scored worse than college athletes than compared to female and male athletes. Further studies to investigate the severity symptoms amongst females as well as athletes under fourteen are underway as well as a connection between brain injury and development pre adolescents. For more information on the Michigan State University Study visit: .

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