Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday June 1st 11:30 AM

Tommy had another restful night and was eating again this morning - donuts and chocolate milk. However, last night he did have a meal from Pick-Up-Stix. Its amazing what a little food can do. Tommy is now off all i.v. meds (still on oral pain, blood thinner, and anti-nausea medications) and in stable condition. He is now "medically" able to come home pending some physical therapy. He needs to be stable/strong enough to get up out of bed and walk short distances on his own. Actually, he is with a physical therapist right now gauging his status. We are so thankful for his progress and all of you prayers encouragement.


  1. I am just back from Chicago and have been thinking of you all and sending prayers and positive thoughts your way. I hadn't been able to access this while I was away but am so happy to read that Tommy is making phenomenal progress!!! Jeanne

  2. Thats what I'm talking about tommy! Your the man!! Love all the Mallons i have been praying for you.