Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today was one of the MOST incredible days as a Mom. I was able to witness Tommy walk and climb up and down 10 stairs.Tommy will turn 19 June 19th. The steps he took today were even more exciting than the ones he took in the first year of his life. I am so proud of him...I am humbled to be his Mom. This photo was taken before prom 2 weeks ago...what a lot has happened and Tommy is already fighting his way back.


  1. The Mallon family was greatly missed and abundantly prayed for at the SFC Baccalaureate today! Hoping you watched the DVD that Ann tried to retrieve/confiscate :). You all are never more than a thought or prayer away from your SFC family's hearts! Love, Debbi

  2. Beth, Thank you for sharing with us this special day. A mother's heart is a special place where you can treasure these moments. Every day is a miracle and I am so thankful to see God working in Tommy. Tommy is a strong young man and has much to be proud of. God Bless you all and we continue to pray for each day of Tommy's recovery. That is a beautiful photo of you and Tommy. What a handsome guy. Thinking of the Mallons, Shebbie and prayer partners

  3. What an adorable picture. Tommy looks so proud to be your son. He is blessed to have you as a mom, caring and praying for him and cheering him on every step of the way on his fight back from his injury.

  4. Beth- I was so happy to read this. Tommy is doing so well. I can only imagine how you are feeling now. I love this picture of you and Pat. Please give our love to everyone and tell Tommy that he is doing great!!
    love, cathy

  5. Hi Mallon Family,

    Wow, donuts, chocolate milk and pick-up-stix! I am so glad to hear that Tommy is doing better. You were all prayed for at Baccelaurete and Tyler Davis said the nicest compliments about Tommy as he graciously spoke in front of his peers and all of us in the audience. Also, during the slideshow everyone clapped when Tommy's picture was up on the screen! I hope you are able to see the DVD.

    We continue to pray for you all ~ Nikki, Stefan & Danielle

  6. Dear Tommy,

    We are so happy to hear that you are home from the hospital. You are an amazingly strong individual. Please know that our love, prayers and good thoughts are sent your way along with well wishes that you will continue to feel better each new day.

    The Andrews/Maureen, Bob, Colin and Claire