Sunday, August 23, 2009

Update 8/23/09

Tommy had a bit of a challenging week. On Monday he saw the neurosurgeon and all seemed quiet. The halo has "plowed" some but the surgeon does not want to reapply it. On Wednesday Tommy started to feel sharp pain on the left side of his head. The halo rep arrived Friday to find all his halo pins were loose particularly the left front pin and right back pin. In anticipation of having the pins tightened Tommy had to take pain medication which makes him very sick. Three of the four pins were tightened but when Ara
( the halo rep.) tried to tighten the left front pin it was just too painful. On Tuesday Tommy will have the pin tightened with sedation. Unfortunately due to the pain meds. he spent most of Saturday vomiting. He is one tough kid. Vomiting while in a halo is not a good combination. The plan continues, as of now, to remain in the halo for 3-4 more weeks. We continue to hope for complete healing during this time spent in the halo. Thank you for all your continued support.

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  1. Continued prayer for Tommy's healing and the mallon family. We think of you often and pray daily for you. Shebbie Jacques and prayer partners