Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We went to the doctor yesterday and it was a very sobering visit for all 3 of us( Pat, me and Tom). Tommy has a very tough situation....a very bad break which is complicated to fix. The doctor would like to see him remain in the halo for 4-6 weeks, take the halo off ct scan and evaluate. BEST CASE the bones are completely healed and he is done in 6 weeks!!!! If not, then hopefully c1 has healed and a fusion of c1-c2 will be the recommended surgery. Post surgery he would be evaluated in 3 months to make sure he is stable and the fusion is working( back into the neck brace after surgery) . If c1 has not healed Tommy will need his skull fused to c123. This is a big surgery but if all else fails he will have no choice. After this surgery he will either be back in a halo or neck brace until he is stable.
Currently, he has one infected halo pin and started antibiotics today. We are hoping this heals otherwise they will need to remove the pin and put a new pin in a different site.
We feel confident in our medical care. We have been told this is a tough situation.
I am just praying Tommy stays well and there are NO complications in the further settling or moving. Please keep him in your thoughts as his peers head off to school in the next few weeks.
We love you all and we are forever grateful for your love and friendship.

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  1. You do not know me. I am a pastor's wife in San Diego, and a close friend of Shebbie Jacques. She has been sharing your situation with me and I am praying for Tommy.
    "Lord, please continue to give the doctors wisdom and skill, please HEAL Tommy's body miraculously, please encourage his soul as his friends go off to university and he stays home to heal, and please give comfort and strength to his family who loves him unconditionally."
    God help you all.