Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday October 5th

Tommy and Rikki ( the Athletic Trainer ) pose very reluctantly!!!! The National Athletic Trainers Assoc. will run a story on Rikki and Tommy in their National Magazine. I will let you know when the story goes to print. Rikki's professional training combined with her firm decision to immobilize Tommy saved his life and saved his neurological function. We are forever grateful and we hope this story will highlight the value of having a Professionally Trained and Certified Athletic Trainer on every high school field across the country. Tommy had a great weekend with a surprise visit from Kelsey Huff who flew in from Oklahoma! And Patrick and Alex were home from UCLA for the weekend . Thank you to ALL college freshman that continue to stay in touch with him via skype, phone, text etc. We are in month 5 from the date of the accident....Tommy continues to be the most inspirational person I know.....EVERYDAY through his attitude alone he helps me and those around him put the "small stuff" in perspective.

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