Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tommy Update 10/21/09

Hello friends,

What a week.......THANK YOU ALL FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT! Last week on Tuesday Tommy went in to see Dr. Taylor to have an infected halo pin site evaluated. Dr. Taylor decided based on the healing progress Tommy has made in the halo it could be REMOVED!!!!! Tuesday morning Tommy transitioned out of the halo and into a Cervical Thoracic Brace( as seen in photos). We were thrilled!!!! Early Wednesday morning Tommy was in severe pain and admitted into the emergency room. After repeat xrays and CT's nothing had changed.... gratefully no setbacks. Some patients can experience pain when transitioning out of a halo device. Tommy was discharged and has been stable since! Thankfully!!!!!

His next CT will be in 2 weeks. There is STILL an outside chance Tommy may NOT need please keep up the thoughts and prayers that the ligament is intact and the bones continue to heal.
Tommy's best friend Matt came home to surprise him this past weekend. All of you continue to help carry him through this process....THANK YOU. Tommy is being a good sport( even though he looks grumpy) about letting me photograph is important to all those family members (especially my mom and Pat's mom )who have not been able to visit him to at least see him in photos!!!!
Love to you all

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