Saturday, March 6, 2010

Will Wardrip Paddle Out

Thank you to all who continue to send cards, emails , texts etc. inquiring about Tommy. He is doing great. We are grateful. Many of you have asked to see the Will paddle out video. It is posted below.

Created by Tommy Mallon and Coach Danny Kolts

For family and friends who might not be familiar with the tradition of a "Paddle Out " below is a brief description. It was a beautiful day honoring Will and his family. At approximately 5:52 into the video you will witness the jumping of dolphins next to the circle of surfers. It was truly an astounding moment....We miss you Willy.

The Tradition of the Paddle Out

“Surfing is like a dance upon a liquid stage, an intimate relationship with the waves. It is a connection with LIFE. Saltwater is like the blood that unites all people.”

There is a long honored tradition in the Hawaiian water community, that when a loved one dies, he/she is honored and remembered with a Paddle Out.

Fresh flower leis ( and in Wills service, roses) were presented with a kiss to those going into the water. Participants paddled out past the second breakers and formed a circle. Everyone sat on their boards holding hands. Mrs.Wardrip , Sara, was in the lifeguard boat, other family members including Will's little sister Elizabeth was on the shore. Ed had to leave the morning of the paddle out to return to NYU. (We missed you Ed). The group opened by reciting the Lords Prayer and then proceeded to tell stories about Willy. Will's surfboard was taken into the water by his dad , Eric. A wonderful pastor led the circle in prayer. After silent prayers, in unison, the water was tapped as a signal to those on shore to toss the roses and the leis. They were tossed toward the sky to land in the middle of the circle. Gradually everyone either paddled in or took a wave in memory of William and returned to shore. It was a beautiful morning.

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