Monday, April 12, 2010

Tommys you tube video

Hi All,
We just received this news alert and video from Assemblymember Mary Hayashi's office. The video was created after our last trip to Sacramento to push for sports safety and protection for athletes. Two new bills have been introduced in California...they may not pass this time around but we are gaining momentum! We will keep you posted as the bills approach the senate.

Comprehensive Legislation to Tackle Sports-Related Injuries (cut and paste this link)

(Sacramento) – Tommy Mallon survived a serious sports injury thanks to quick, smart decisions made on the scene. Assemblymember Mary Hayashi (D-Hayward) wants to make sure all student athletes are just as fortunate as Tommy if they’re injured playing sports. That’s why she’s introduced two bills to address the problem of recurring concussions and life-threatening injuries among high school athletes. AB 1646 will add training on potentially catastrophic injuries, such as head and neck injuries, asthma attacks, and heatstroke, to the CPR and first aid certification required of all California high school coaches. AB 1647 will require athletes suspected of having a concussion to get a doctor’s written permission before returning to play. Here’s more of Tommy Mallon’s story and more on Assemblymember Hayashi’s legislation in this Assembly Web Report.

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