Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday 8:30 PM

After what was a very tough day, around 6:00p this evening Tommy started to feel a bit better - his nausea and pain subsided enough to allow him to eat. He actually had mashed potatoes and a couple bites of chicken, albeit small bites. Its funny how such small things are so big right now. We tried a few different medications and we think this is what might have helped. We will know better tomorrow but we sure hope and pray this is the right combination. Regardless, it was a great end to a rocky start.

Tommy still show's no sign of neurological effects or damage to his spinal cord which is such a relief. Also, he remains in the therapeutic window for his oral coumadin (blood thinner) treatment. I haven't mentioned it recently but his damaged/compromised vertebral artery is still of greatest concern to us in the near-term.

With your prayers and God's help, we are getting Tommy better. Have a peaceful weekend.

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  1. We continue to keep Tommy in our thoughts and prayers. Hoping today is a better one.

    Iris, Steve, Emma and "Watson" Halpern