Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday 12:15 PM

After a restful night Tommy has had a tough morning due to pain. Unfortunately, the pain occurred (or occurs) during rehabilitation preventing him from sitting up and walking. His pain is due both to the fractures in his spine and the muscle spasms in his neck. This is all expected but difficult to manage. We are focused now on pain management so he can become more active. Plus, when he is in less pain he is more apt to eat, enabling him to gain his strength. All of this will get him home quicker.

We are praying, and ask if you will as well, that Tommy's pain comes under control. We know that it will but the sooner the better for Tommy's near-term recovery and future health. It must sound like a broken record to you all (as it does to me) but our sincere thanks for all of your continued love and support. God bless you all.

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  1. As fellow lacrosse parents, our hearts go out to you and we pray every day for a speedy and complete recovery for Tommy. We're ALL pulling for you Tommy!
    Poway parents Rick and Carol Z, Jeffrey #17