Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday May 31st 1:15 PM

What a difference 24 hours makes. Tommy woke up this morning with a smile - not a forced smile but a genuine smile and had an actual laugh - at my expense mind you. He's been off all i.v. medications for a full day now and close to a day without narcotic-based drugs (pain relievers). He is taking only NSAIDS now which seem to be managing his pain fairly well without the extreme nausea. He got up and walked around the nurses station and even took a few steps up and down a small set of stairs. He also added some calf raises and squats on his accord.

I quickly wanted to share a story that resonated with Tommy and us that says "tons" about SFC and why it is such a special place. In brief, a young 5th/6th grader came by with his family this morning to let Tommy know that he and his family are thinking and praying for him. He told Tommy he knows how he feels because just a few months ago he was on life support and spent weeks in the hospital too. But the message he truly brought to share was that "there are people that care for you even if you don't know them." Unbelievable for such a young boy.

Its Baccalaureate this afternoon and Tommy wishes he were able to be there with his class. Unfortunately, he can't make it but he knows how blessed he is at this time to be "okay". He wants everyone to know that he had a great time at SFC and has love and appreciation for his classmates, teachers, coaches, and friends.

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