Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday Update

> Wednesday 12:30p
> Tommy just had his first rehab/physical therapy visit - with help,
> he sat up, stood up and took a few steps. I don't know what else to
> say...


  1. What wonderful news. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love, Lisa, Kelly and Kristin Faulk

  2. The best news!!!!!! One step at a time.
    Tommy is so strong and brave!
    Love you all Tracey & Rick

  3. Dear Beth and Family - Our thoughts and prayers are with you and it sounds like Tommy is a strong guy with lots of love and support all around him.

    Sincerest Regards, Janet and John McCulley, Schmoo & Zazou

  4. One day at a time....

    Our family continues to pray for you!
    ~Nikki, Stefan & Danielle

  5. Tommy-

    On behalf of Poway lacrosse and our entire family, i want you to know there are many people thinking about you and praying for your speedy recovery.

    Coach Paul Sanit

  6. Tommy-
    I am so sorry about your injury. I hope that your recovery is speedy, and I want you to know you will be in my family's prayers. Good luck man.

    Brady Tengberg
    Poway Lacrosse #27

  7. So good to hear some good news today. Prayers have been answered and yet you all will continue to be covered in prayer.

    Profe Miles