Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday 11:00 AM

We just received preliminary results from Tommy's [vertebral] arterial scan and the good news is that the blood is freely flowing to his brain. It isn't all the way open but it hasn't gotten any worse. The bone fracture is still there but not causing any further problems/damage. We hope that as his break heals this becomes less and less of a concern. The doctors are now getting together and will review the results and figure out a plan as to what do. We should know more later on in the day.

Some people have started to ask how long Tommy will be in the hospital and the answer is we just don't know. It will be awhile though as he needs to transition from his current blood thinning therapy/drugs to something else that he can be out of the hospital with. Also, he needs to get off of i.v. pain drugs to oral drugs. But most importantly, he needs to eat, gain his strength and let his break start healing.

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